About Strawberry Hall
Built as a residential cottage on the Strawberry Estate, which today is the Hill of Ayarpata. The first house of Nainital called Strawberry Hall was build around 1820. This House has a 360 degrees panoramic view of the entire lake town. With a spectacular night view and an entire day of sun, this place is ideal as a destination both in winter and summer. Strawberry Hall is a heritage cottage belonging to the Royal Family of Kumaon. This villa is a beautiful destination for your self and your family. Experiencing the view from Strawberry Hall is definitely a visit even for someone familiar with this town. Amidst flower gardens the rugged hill tops of this area stand at attention greeting you to this place. Leisure, Luxury and an amazing view in an elegant hospitality atmosphere are what you get off the Strawberry Hall experience.

Perched on a cliff about 100 meters above the Mall Road a mere 2 minute walk, Strawberry Hall is situated on a pedestal of Nainital. It is well connected by road and is a juncture of myriad walk paths. Centered around the great hill tops of the china peak, kilberry and dorthys peak it is connected to a dense jungle on one end with leopards in yearly sighting.

For your stay, the villa contains Luxury suites with fireplaces and elegant rooms. The cottage is surrounded with an exquisite lawn with the most prized flowers on display year round.