Admiring the finer things in life and enjoying harmony with nature, Silent Trail was conceived in 2000 as a perfect alternative to the hectic hustle and bustle of city life. Keeping to our belief the Silent Trail was renovated and restored to its architectural beauty of previous age old charms without disturbing or altering the natural surroundings.

Going beyond conventional luxury, Silent Trail aims to provide our guest with a luxury of thought and choice. The resort seeks to provide a lasting impression and a memorable experience to our patrons.

Every little detail of hospitality including your pets are cared and catered to leaving you to absorb and enjoy nature’s beauty. With an emphasis on living our passion we invite guests to join in house activities and indulge in a fun experience learning, cooking, table set up and home décor, flower decoration with our trained and qualified hoteliers. We allow our customers high levels of customization, enabling booking of our entire villa, giving you and your family complete privacy. Our levels of anonymity is high.

With pristine surrounding and mesmerizing services on offer, connect with your inner and outer self. We hope to allow you space to think. Our surroundings strive to allow you a Silent Trail.