Welcome - The Hive Cottage
Mountain splendor meets old-world charm with contemporary facilities to give an ideal holiday experience for you and your family. Come and experience the beauty of the Hive - an exclusive Heritage cottage built in 1870. Tucked in the wooded city forest, the serene environment and interiors are evocative of an era gone by. Elegant luxury, attention to detail, customized services and skilled hospitality are the hallmarks of the Hive experience. The Hive Cottage is a heritage British Cottage, originally used by Christopher Corbett, father of the legendary Jim Corbett, and has hosted numerous dignitaries of the British Empire.

A 10 minute walk from the Mall road, the Hive is situated on a picturesque green hill in the Ayarpatta, overlooking the majestic valley. A vivid painting of natural mountain flora and fauna, the Hive compound contains a variety of trees, including the famed Blue Magnolia, birds, butterflies and wildlife including the flying squirrel, pheasants, jungle fowl, porcupine and foxes.

For your stay, the cottage contains super-deluxe and deluxe suites which are aesthetically decorated to provide elegance and comfort and also remain congruent with the natural splendour of the cottage and surroundings.